Upgraded Front Discs+Pads To Black Diamond

In my opinion, standard brakes on a Gen 7 Celica leave a lot to be desired. To enhance the Goodridge braided brake hoses I fitted previously, and improve braking even further I upgraded the front discs and pads. I chose Black Diamond. I decided not to go for drilled discs as they are weaker due to the holes and suspect to cracking, so I chose Black Diamond's grooved disc and Predator pads. For a Celica 190 (or indeed a facelift 140) the part numbers for these are KBD1124 (discs) and PP472 (pads). For a complete list of Black Diamond discs+pads for a Celica click here

How to change your front discs

1. Jack up car and secure it with axle stands.
2. Remove wheel
3. Remove caliper. This requires a 14mm socket to remove 2 bolts. Once removed, do not let the caliper hang freely on the brake hose. I latched it over the suspension spring.
4. Remove torque plate. This is the frame the caliper is housed in. This requires the removal of 2 larger bolts using a 17mm socket.
5. The old disc can now be removed. This should just pull off. In some cases this may prove difficult as the disc may have seized on the hub, so giving it a strong hit with a hammer and a piece of wood over the front of the disc should do. If not, the disc may be prized off the hub by screwing in appropriately sized bolts into the two holes visible on the disc's drum
6. Slide on the new disc, and replace torque plate and caliper.

I also changed the pads with Black Diamond Predator pads. It is recommended not to use stock pads on aftermarket discs, especially as these are grooved.

Change front brake pads
Front brake caliper diagram



Click on the thumbs for a closer look

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